Simply the most luxurious Caribbean villa to rent

Wild Dog Villa (as its name suggests) is a unique luxury holiday villa to rent nestled in the hills of Northern Antigua above the picturesque Hodges Bay.

There is no other villa on Antigua for rent or within the whole of the Caribbean that can come close to matching the modern opulent luxury that Wild Dog Villa has to offer you.  If you are looking to rent a villa in order to work on Antigua or if you are looking simply to relax and enjoy the peace that this villa has to offer then you have found the perfect location on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Everything within Wild Dog Villa has been selected for your luxury and convenience.

This beautiful luxury villa is close to many of the best restaurants that Antigua has to offer and many other places of interest.  There are plenty of things to do if you do finally tire of the luxury and relaxation that this unique property has to offer!

With its clean lines, stunning design and wonderful views, Wild Dog Villa provides state of the art comfort and technology with luxury and serenity.

The villa is 2 minutes drive from the nearest beach on the northern side of Antigua (Jabberwocky Beach) and affords some of the best views in Antigua with delightful sunsets every night.

Just imagine lazing in the pool with a flute of champagne in your hand as you enjoy yet another beautiful Caribbean sunset - Pure Bliss!

You owe it to yourself to feel pampered once in a while, therefore why not feel like that in the Caribbean and enjoy the radiant sunshine and crisp clear blue seas that Antigua has to offer?